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By: Erik Scott de Bie

My Hobbies

Ah, hobbies those things that eat up hours of your time. So you want to know what Beezer does when he is not prowling around the message board?

I like to read... a lot, and write reviews.

I also referee hockey and umpire baseball.

I play my Xbox 360 when I have some down time, mostly an NHL game or a role playing game (Oblivion and Assassin's Creed).

I also volunteer with my wonder dog, Kaja at nursing homes, hospitals, Ronald McDonald Houses, and schools.

That's me in a nut shell.

Kajas Blog


Where in the world is Kaja San Diego... okay not as clever as the originial, but still has a ring to it right? I know lots of people have been telling dad to get me to update my blog. It's cool having so many fans, sorry for taking so long to update this.

Where to start, things have been busy around here lately.

First off in late January dad took me to visit another elkhound and said he may be able to live with us for awhile. Not sure I was okay with it, but once I met him he seemed like a pretty cool dog, so I let dad bring him home. After about a week we became pretty good friends. Here we are on the couch together.

Grady and me

He was really fun to hang out with. A lot more active than Jasmine, plus he actually played with me. After I taught him how to play. I kind of had to jump on him and tackle him to show him how much fun it is, but once he understood that it was lots of fun. Dad warned me he was a foster dog, but I didn't really know what that meant. So after a month a lady came to the house and took Grady with her. That made me sad. I was hoping he was coming back, but after a couple hours I kind of understood he was not going to be back. So, I took his favorite toy and just laid with it for a little bit. Dad, showing that his camera is always attached to him, took this picture of me while I was sad.

Me sad

A couple weeks after that dad took me to a school to visit fourth graders again. I really really like doing this because there are always a bunch of kids there and I get to get petted by all of them. Some times I even get sneeky and kiss a kid or two and get them to giggle. Until dad tells them that when I was a puppy I used to eat my own poo... why does he tell everyone that! Not like he didn't do things as a kid that he regrets sheesh!

Class one

Class two

Class three

Then just last week dad took me to a place that he called a preschool. I have never been to one of those before, so I was hoping it would be fun. I was really excited when I walked in and I found a bunch of miget kids. I mean, really I was taller than them when they were sitting down. It was really cool and they petted me just as much as the other kids. We didn't spend as much time with them, because dad said they were like human puppies and could focus very long, but I still had fun.

Class one

Class two

Class three

On a couple other notes. Jasmine had been asking dad to take her to get a hair cut because she wasn't looking 'womanly' anymore. Dad kept refusing saying she looked just fine. He finally relented when Jasmine woke up one morning and looked like this.


Dad calls this picture a funny picture, but I still don't know why. Dad was laughing so hard he was crying when he took this picture. I don't know why, I was just laying there looking out the window minding my own business. Ah well, maybe you guys will see why dad thought it was funny.


Well, I think that is allI have to report for now. I will try and stay updated more often. I better get back to patrolling the yard though. Those damn rabbits are out in force today.

Bye for now.


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  1. 09/10/10

    Thinking of you often. luv & hugs 
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  3. 01/15/10

    Andy :) Miss you bunches! Please msg me when you can... i'd really love to catch up and see how you are. Big hugs!! Patti(kir)
  4. 06/19/09

    Hey sweet friend!
    Love Kaja's blog & pics...
    & I love & miss you much!
    Hope all is well in your world.
    Always thinking of you...

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    Dear Kaja,

    Thanks for updating your blog! Billy and I love getting new pictures of you - and we wanted you to let you know that even though Grady is a cool dog, you are still much prettier than he is. We're sorry you were sad when he left - maybe we can convince mom to send you some more yummy treats or a toy!

    We're sorry that your dad keeps putting up embarrassing pictures of you and Jasmine though. Mom does that to us too, but we get back at her by trying to cough up hairballs in her bed while she's asleep. She keeps catching us at it though! Maybe you'll have a little more luck getting even!

    Well, its naptime for us!

    Headbutts and purrs,

    Billy and Chay (and I guess Mira too)

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Child Psychologist